Travel Stress Free These Holidays

During this time of the year the least tourists and travelers wish to hear is “Wind, Snow, East Coast Storm”, because more than likely it will frustrate a few. But unfortunately during these season of the year that is the most we will all be encountered with.

To prevent entering the five emotional stages of a flight delay, and keep relaxed so you reach your destination as close to on-time as possible, take our tried and true airport survival tips to the heart and abide by them to Travel Stress Free These Holidays:

Travel stress free these holidays

5 Tips to Travel Stress Free These Holidays

5. Pack the snacks:
Even when we’re taking a quick flight on a beautiful, sunny day, we’ll pack some breakfast bars or a banana just in case. If you know you’ll be traveling during bad weather, or during a high traffic season, with family and friends, or are in for a long-haul where every extra hour counts. They’ll not only save you, but if you share, you’ll quickly breed goodwill in a stressful situation and find sympathetic fellow passengers.

4. Have a pen:
You’d be surprised how many people travel without a pen or pencil. When you have one, you can make notes about rearranged travel plans while you work them out on the phone, do the crosswords in the back of the in-flight magazine when you run out of iPad power, make a grocery list, or begin the next Great American Novel.

3. Remain calm:
You might be freaking out inside, but don’t add to the tense atmosphere by blowing up at flight crew or other passengers. You are all in the same situation. It is okay to be frustrated and confused and angry, but these emotions are best saved for a breathless retelling of your delay story over a relaxed dinner when you are already on vacation destination enjoying your time.

2. Seek out de-stressing spaces at airports:
Not that you need to go downward dog through your delay, but taking a breather away from crowded and noisy gate waiting areas may be just the ticket for calming uneasiness. Families will want to consult a map of the terminal or an info desk (often found just after clearing security) for the nearest kids play area. Long delays may warrant ponying up for a play lounge, as they offer comfortable seating, free wifi, complimentary snacks and drinks, and soundproofed kids play zones.

1. Have all of your travel information handy:
Aside from knowing your booking reference (typically a 6-digit code like “CGV7YT”), jot down the customer service numbers and any other important airline phone contacts you might need. Whether you’re delayed while in the airport or already out on the tarmac, you’ll be able to make the phone calls which could get you saved. Also keep the numbers of your other travel plans (rental cars, hotels, cruises, connecting airlines) at hand just in case new arrangements must be made.

Like we said at the beginning if you take these 5 Tips to Travel Stress Free These Holidays to the heart, you will surely have a much greater chance of traveling stress free and on the way assist other to keep the cool and enjoy the vacation.

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