Travel from Fort Pierce to Miami by using shuttle transportation services

Move from Fort Pierce to Miami via ground transportation shuttle in a low-priced way. Fort Pierce to Miami shared shuttle is one of the best ground transportation in Florida. You can also use our private transfer to 40+ cities we operate inside Florida. Our shared shuttle serves in all the main cities of Florida state by utilizing the most common highways i-4, i-75, i-95. Here, you can read how to move inexpensively from Fort Pierce to Miami by using a shuttle transport service.



Fort Pierce to Miami by using shuttle transportation services

Fort Pierce to Miami Shared shuttle transportation 

By utilizing a shared shuttle from Fort Pierce to Miami, you can move with ease to all the main cities; we work in Florida at the most economical fare.

Fort Pierce to Miami Private shuttle transportation 

Private shuttle transfer from Fort Pierce to Miami is our most manageable and stable transfer, and you can move to any other city within Florida. Our private transfer allows you to pick your own place and time for pick up. It’s like holding your chauffeur at your own time and location.

Fort Pierce to Miami, shared shuttle transportation Routes, Mileage, and Schedule

Travel to and from Fort Pierce to Miami by utilizing ground transport by the most`usually used i-95, which is used by all transport service when moving from Fort Pierce to or from Miami and several other cities on the East coast of Florida.

Fort Pierce to Miami travel plan:

Our Fort Pierce to Miami shuttle transport runs once a day, seven days a week. Our shuttle leaves out of Fort Pierce at 03:30 PM and reaches in Miami at around 06: 15 PM. On the way to Miami, it also meets Jupiter, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, and Miami. Morning shared shuttle will even possible only on a specific request, OR you can utilize our Fort Pierce to Miami private transfer services in case if you want the ride at your own time.

Shared shuttle transportation from Fort Pierce to Miami pickup areas:

Below is the main pick up and drop off spots we use when traveling from Fort Pierce to Miami by using shared shuttle transport service:

Fort Pierce main station: 

– 7150 Okeechobee Rd, Fort Pierce, FL 34945 *exit 129* (Loves Gas Station)


– Miami International Airport (Avianca Airlines Departures Level) Terminal J

– 340 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 (Holiday Inn/Pt of Miami Entrance)

You can contact the Fort Pierce transportation company here.

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