Top five attractions in West Palm Beach Florida

West palm Beach is famous city in State of Florida. It is among the most developed cities in Florida. There are many other cities to explore in Florida but West Palm Beach is without any match for most beautiful places. Either you are single or you are a family guy this is the place where you want to spent your holidays. If you your family with you then Palm Beach Zoo and Lion Safari Zoo could be the best place for you. You can choose Palm Beach International Airport as your arrival station. Many transportation companies offer reliable pick up and drop off services at this busy Airport. Florida Shuttle Transportation could proved to the best choice for ground transportation. In this blog you will get to know top five attractions in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Top five attractions in West Palm Beach

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The Palm Beach Zoo

The Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society is a non-profit zoological organization located in West Palm Beach, Florida. It is a 23 acres tropical habitat for nearly one thousand animals. These animals are brought here from all around the glob. It has many different sections and all these areas are worth visiting. If you are a family man then they will love this facility. It is also a great chance for every kid to make some good memories for them selves.

Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari park is Florida’s only drive-through safari and walk-through amusement park. The number of animals have gone nearly up-to a thousand. All this verity of animals are brought here from every corner of the planet which makes it a very interesting place to explore in Florida. Directed tours of the park keeps the animals safe and the visitors very happy. Lion Country Safari park is definitely among the top five attraction in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The Norton Museum of Art

The Norton Museum of Art is currently under construction, so for the time being the entry is free. It is a preserving ground for the best art in the world. This art museum has gone through the process more than once. Norton Museum Of Art is an ideal place to learn and explore the very definition in a whole new manner. If you are a tourist or traveler then this is a must visit place for you.  There is a collection of over 7,000 master pieces, with a concentration in European, American, and Chinese art as well as in contemporary art and photography.

The South Florida Fair

The South Florida Fair is a non profit organization and the main purpose of the event is to provide quality entertainment to all the locals, tourists and travelers. It is the ideal place to understand the culture of the locals. Games, exhibitions and agricultural fair are also the main attraction of the fair. This fair produces hundred of millions of Dollars in revenue. It is also considered an economical pillar in state of Florida.

Peanut Island

Peanut Island is located in Palm Bay County, Florida. This is a man made island. It has become a historical place because of John F Kennedy. It is a totally separate place from the state but now it has become a tourist attraction and tourist and traveler visit this place from the every corner of the world. The Blast shelter or bunker is symbolic with the cold war era.

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