Tips for Traveling during the Fall Season

The fall season brings amazing travel opportunities to some great an amazing locations in the state of Florida. Some of the spots are excellent because of the scenery and others because the summer crowd has ended their vacations. It is vital to have a plan and finding the perfect spot to enjoy your fall vacation to the fullest, so here we bring you some great Tips for Traveling during the Fall Season.

fall travel tips

4 Tips for Traveling during the Fall Season

1. Buy tickets on Tuesday at 3pm: Many airline companies post their new prices and discounts at 3pm on Tuesday afternoons. Travelers who want to get great deals should look at this time for some of the best ticket prices. Tommy Middaugh of Travel To Go says that this is a great way to save on travel and kick fall trips off to a great start without breaking the budget.

2. Mark bags with fragile stickers: While this may mean that travelers have to sign some extra paperwork, asking for a fragile sticker for a bag can offer a number of advantages. For travelers who do not want to get stuck waiting in the baggage claim, this is the perfect strategy. Bags marked as fragile will get treated with extra care and put at the top of the baggage pile, so they are also the first ones off the plane. The travelers who get the stickers will be the first ones to get their bags and be on their way upon arrival.

3. Book seats on the wing: For those who want to avoid turbulence on their flights, it is suggested booking seats that are near the wing of the plane. This is the area of the plane that encounters the least amount of turbulence and will keep flyers happy on their ride.

4. Make sure to make your transportation arrangements ahead of time at least with a month in advance. This way you will get the most affordable deals, and be ready to arrive to your final destination in Florida right when you come out of the plane. With Florida Shuttle Transportation services you will be sure to arrive to your Florida destination in style, comfort and at a great price.

For sure one great way to have a successful fall travel vacation is to plan ahead of time. With these great 3 Tips for Traveling during the Fall Season you are sure to enjoy one of the best fall vacations ever. Have fun, be safe and plan ahead.

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