An overview of the three best places to visit in Florida

With the Statue of Liberty as a national icon, the United States is widely known as the Land of Liberty. For the past few centuries, people from all over the world have come to US, drawn by the nation’s prosperity and democracy, seeking a better way of life. As a result, this vast nation is also a land of diversity from its landscape to its culture, cuisine, politics and religion. In this blog we will take an overview of the three best places to visit in Florida, USA.

Three best places to visit in Florida

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To the uninitiated, Everglades might appear as a big swamp but it is actually a vast, shallow, slow moving river of grass that extends from Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay. During the dry season it dries up except for the deeper places. It is an incredibly unique ecosystem, a subtropical wilderness that supports creatures such as Alligators, bottle-nose Dolphins, Manatees and Bald Eagle and amid mangroves, cypress, hardwood hammocks and miles of grass. There are endless opportunities in the Everglades for hiking, bicycling, canoeing, kayaking, boating, camping and fishing.

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South Beach:

Before Miami Vice, South Beach was a place where crime kept residents indoor at night and hotels stood mostly vacant. In the late 1980s helped by the TV show’s popularity a renaissance began in South Beach, with an influx of fashion industry professionals moving into the area. Today South Beach is the most popular and richest area of Miami Beach and one of the top tourist attractions in Florida. The area is known for its hip clubs and wild nightlife as well as its famous art deco design.

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Overseas Highway:

The Overseas Highway, also known as US Highway 1, connects the Florida Keys with the mainland. It stretches 127.5 miles into the Gulf of Mexico, from Key Largo, Islamadora, Marathon, Lower keys and finally to Key West, the most distant and most famous island. Much of the Highway uses a route that was originally a railroad, originally built by the overseas Railroad that was finished in 1912, but was pretty much destroyed by a major hurricane in 1935. The present Highway opened in 1938, with one bridge that is almost seven miles long. The Seven Mile Bridge has been featured in films such as True Lies, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Mission Impossible 3.

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