Honor Florida’s Freshness at Healthful Restaurants in the Space Coast

When going to the Space Coast, satisfy your tastebuds and enhance your health at the area’s top healthy restaurants. 

Begin your day with a refreshing smoothie at Happy Healthy Human or the Sun Shoppe and Cafe, where you can have your breakfast with a fresh-roasted drink on the outdoor patio. Juice N Java has been identified as the top coffee house in Central Florida, and its fruitage smoothies and salads are wonderful.

At lunch, swap fatty French fries for more potent, pumpkin fries or baked sweet potato at the D.I.G. Bistro, which uses as much local produce as feasible in its meals. 

End up your day with a tasty dinner at one of the fresh sushi restaurants. Haru Sushi Bar and Grill serves unusual sushi “boats.” Thai Restaurant and Sushi is known for its real Thai food, as well as mouthwatering sushi. And Zushi Asia Fresh, in 2locations, boasts more than 100 menu choices. 

Best restaurants in Space Coast of Florida

Best restaurants in Space Coast of Florida


Ignore all of that battered and fried garbage! If it’s fresh fish and seafood you inquire, look to this restaurant at Sunrise Marina. Certainly, aesthetically, it looks like little more than your usual waterside shack but then it’s that deliberate shabbiness that treats give the place its character. Of course, the kitchen team does its part, too, a fact performed clear once you’ve examined the grilled fish of the day or the heated deep-water crab legs. Keep the butter; they’re tasty complete without it.


Juice N Java is a fabulous spot to get fresh-roasted coffee wine, craft brews and healthy, fresh, farm-to-table food options encouraged from around the world. This shop is a local favorite and has been declared the No. 1 coffee house in Central Florida. For good options check out the salads, fruit smoothies, and artisan cheese trays. For a healthy meal, try the chocolate-covered fruits. Sandwiches come with a mixture of bread options to meet your dietary requirements or culinary needs. Juice N Java also gives vegetarian options, like the Roma sandwich. Come and intend to stay; wifi is free and assistance is excellent. Grab a table outdoor on a nice day.

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Alexandria Mediterranean Grill is a sweet place for some reasonable and healthy Mediterranean food, but you can also find Italian, Greek, and Middle Eastern contributions here. Almost everything on the list is less than $10 – and it’s all prepared with fresh, high-quality components. We suggest the soup and salad combo, which appears with the soup of the day and your selection of four different kinds of salads, including our pick, the Greek. The $7 covers are also tasty and filling. Alexandria Mediterranean Grill is one of the rare family-owned restaurants of this kind on the Space Coast, and it’s true, too. In fact, the ancestor was born and grown in Egypt, where he studied how to prepare a traditional Middle Eastern feast. The menu things today stem from his family’s generations-old recipes.

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