Helpful reviews about Glazer Children’s Museum

Florida is commonly known as the land of tourists and visitors. There are numerous places to explore here. You can either choose East Coast or West Coast for traveling. There are many cities here which offer all kind of fun activities. Glazer Children’s Museum is a facility which is ideal for a family vacation in Tampa, Florida. In this blog, you will read helpful reviews about Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa, Florida.

Glazer Children museum

Reviews about Glazer Children’s Museum

Jarbird says:

This place was awesome. We’re always looking for fun things to do with the kids, and my kids had a blast here. Tons of little areas for the little ones to let their imaginations run wild. Surprisingly, the thing we had the most fun with was the mock Publix store where the kids can shop a play store with little carts. We played in there for about 45 minutes by itself.

chasiea dixon says:

This place was amazing not only that my child has so much fun so did I he’s two years old and had a time of his life there was nothing too small or too big for him to do the place is good it is fun it is everything that you can think of. Everywhere that you go there is someone there to help no matter what the problem or situation is.

Thomas Skinner says:

This is a really neat place for kids. 3 levels of fun for the little ones. I would say that mine probably enjoyed the water area downstairs the most. I think every month they have one day that they let in children for free. Definitely worth a visit.

Zachary Gallagher says:

So much better than I even thought it would be. The kids loved it. Would love to take them over and over. Be prepared to spend a few hours there chasing them down as they run from area to area. Lots to do, some things could be all day play on their own.

Kelly D says:

My kids love it here. There’s plenty of age-appropriate exhibits and they are all interactive. Even my year and a half old enjoyed it. If you go on a free day, it gets crazy and there are too many people. They post on their Facebook page most other days and if they have a lot of field trips booked, so you can know the crowd size in advance. Definitely worth a membership for us.

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