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Due to its amazingly warm and sunshiny weather, many of Tampa’s attractions suggest to playing outside. paddle-boarding, Canoeing, and dolphin cruises are just a few water ventures available. On land, you can visit Busch Gardens or our zoo. Walk down the Tampa Riverwalk or enjoy one of our world-class golf courses. Explore Tampa’s wildlife at the many parks and forest areas. When you get bored of the outside or are sent inside due to the temperature or sudden summer rain, come inside and hit our world-class aquarium or one of the several local galleries and museums in Tampa Florida.

Things need to know about Tampa Florida

Things need to know about Tampa Florida
The Cigars:
Tampa’s great Latin art springs from the cigar factories that were found in West Tampa and Ybor City at the end of the 1800s to the beginning of 20th century. When Vicente Martinez Ybor transferred his cigar industry from Key West to Tampa, it doubled the residents of the sleepy town by several thousand in just a few years. At its maximum, Tampa was recognized the “Cigar Capital of the World.” Utmost of the cigar companies are long gone, but a couple still survives. There are still very a few small cigar stores in Ybor City where you can see a tabaquero hand-roll a type of cigar.

The Sports:
It may have become a little while, but all 3 of our essential sports teams have encountered success in recent years. The National Hockey League Lightning play in the Tampa Bay Times Forum in the city of Tampa. The National Football League Buccaneers play in the Raymond James Stadium. The Rays baseball team plays in Tropicana Field in the St. Petersburg. If you aren’t a professional athlete, there are still lots of possibilities to get going in Tampa. In a place with 300 days of sunlight per year, golf is very common. Of course, any water entertainment you can probably be interested in can be recovered either in the waters of the Gulf of Tampa Bay, Mexico, or the freshwater rivers and lakes.

The Weather:
Tampa’s climate, holding subtropical weather, is sunny for about 300 days out of the year. Autumn, Spring and most of the winter will highlight some of the best climates in the country, approximately, with highs in the 60’s and 70’s most days. It’s the summer, but, for which Tampa is famous. The humidity and heat, and being enclosed by water, give origin to strong storms most in afternoons. The Tampa Bay area is recognized for the lightning city of North America, with the average citizen being within half a mile of lightning hit 10 to 15 times per year. If a storm is going in, seek shelter. There is a reason why we called our hockey and field football teams the Lightning and Storm.

The Water:
Life spins around water in Tampa Bay because of the water around us. There are many beaches, which are continuously ranked as some of the best beaches in the nation. There is the fishing, both in the various lakes, rivers and in the Gulf around the area. And then there are the chances to jump on one of the fabulous cruise ships that depart from the Port of Tampa, the 2nd-busiest port in Florida State. Trips of several lengths go every week for the Caribbean, Mexico, and parts ahead.

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