Get to know about two famous theme park attractions of Florida

Please keep your hands, arms and legs inside the vehicle all the time and prepare for fun Toddy we are counting down our picks for top 10 theme park attractions in Florida. For this list we are not only looking at extreme roller coaster rides but also the most imaginative and exciting amusement park attraction that offers the best experience of your life. We have excluded rides at water parks like The Master Blaster because that is the list for another day. In this blog you will get to know about two famous theme park attractions of Florida.

Theme park attractions of Florida

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Expedition Everest (Legend of the Forbidden Mountain):

If you go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the exotic wild life but you will stay to ride this roller Coaster several times. Expedition Everest is like a cross between Bob Skeeds and thunder Mountains, resulting in one of the most Atmospheric attraction Disney has ever constructed. The rides get off giving visitors a chance to appreciate its beauty. Once the Yeti shows up though we are engage grilling chase to escape to Mount Everest. This also notably the tallest mountain rides at any Disney theme park. Expedition Everest continues to blow us away with its gigantic scale and rich scene of adventure.

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Journey into Imagination with Figment:

All Disney attraction is insanely creative but few trigger the imagination quite like this Epcot favorite. As much as show is a ride a Journey into Imagination has gone through a few alterations over the year. However, it is always maintained the same basic idea. You can create anything with the tool of imagination including a purple dragon named Figment. Passengers are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild by seeking out inspiration. With one little spark you might be the next Disney’s Amignior.

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