Florida is a state which is located in Southern region of United States Of America. We can also say that State of Florida is located on the edge of Bermuda Triangle. Beside that it is the ideal place for a vacation. Either you are single or you are here with your family, Florida is the symbol of ultimate fun. There are many cities in Florida which are worth visiting. If you are a tourist and you have decided to explore the most famous cities and regions then Florida could prove the most ideal state to begin your journey. There are many wonderful cities to explore in Florida but in this blog yo will get to know about three world famous cities in Florida, USA.

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World famous cities in Florida USA


Orlando is a city which is located in central Florida. In State of Florida it is the symbol of tourist attraction. It is also an economical power house. It is the most favorite place of tourists from the whole world. Orlando has many attraction and many fun place to explore for all the visitors. Either you are seven or seventy you will never get bored. Specialty of the famous city of Orlando is without any doubt are its amazing theme parks. If you are a tourist or traveler in Orlando and you have not visited these amazing theme parks then you have seen nothing. Hundred of Millions of tourists and travelers visit these theme park every year and the number is always increasing. Disney World is the legacy of Walter Disney. Universal Orlando is also a world famous theme park. There are many other theme parks in Orlando that will never give you a chance to get bored.


Miami is also a very famous city located in Florida . If you are a tourist or traveler then this is a must see place for you. There are many interesting places to explore in Miami. Miami Zoo is the ideal place for a family picnic. A zoo is the ideal place of the children of all ages. Miami Children Museum is also an ideal place for the children. Miami Sea Aquarium is the place where all family can enjoy the shows of all these wonderful sea creatures. Beaches of Miami are world famous. If you are if Miami and you have not visited all these amazing places then you have not seen anything at all. When you will put your feet on the white sand you will certainly feel that you are in an entirely different realm.

West Palm Beach:

West Palm Beach is a world famous city located on East Coast of State of Florida. There are more millionaires and billionaire here than any other city of the world. There many places in West Palm Beach which are worth visiting and tour to state of Of Florida will not be complete without visiting these places. Norton Museum of Art is a must visit place in West Palm Beach. If you have kids and you wish to surprise then then take them to West Palm Beach Zoo. South Florida Science center is also a very nice place for the children of all ages. This will provide them with a very fine opportunity to learn about a great deal of interesting facts.

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