Get to know about Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort

Orlando theme parks are renounced the world over. With so much to see and do we are going to check each of the parks one by one. In this blog you will get to know about Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort.

Walt Disney World Resort 

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Walt Disney World Resort is the largest theme park complex in the world. Twice the size of Manhattan it includes four distinct theme park and two water parks. Frontier by its iconic castle, the magic kingdom is of entertainment, classic attraction, paradise, fireworks and of course you beloved Disney characters. At Disney Epcot you can travel eleven nation in the whole world. All nations of the world are moving forward with technological changes. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the largest theme animal theme parks in the world with a large verity of collection and hundreds of acres of the land s. Disney’s studios provides ultimate fun to all of its young visitors. It is good chance to make some good memories on the way of your trip. Disney has two water theme parks which are Typhoon Lagoon and Wet and Wind Orlando which is most visited by all the visitors.

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