Get to know about Via Napoli in Epcot Italy Pavilion

First timers must eat somewhere in Epcot’s world show case. One of very favorite international inspire spot was Via Napoli in Italy Pavilion. It is a recent addition to the pavilion in Orlando, Florida where Via Napoli offers some of the best Pizza you ever had in your life. In this blog you will get to know about Via Napoli in Epcot Italy Pavilion.

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Via Napoli in Epcot Italy Pavilion

Pizza is thin crust and made with imported water to avail vest quality thin crust. It is a very unique experience. It will feel like that you are dinning in Naples Italy. Try Italian Margarita an all cheese Pizza. There are many other recopies to impress first time visitors. Italian Pasta is already very famous all over the world, here you can sample of this delicious past. This facility is considered because it has its very own quality of beer and you can enjoy best local beer here. Three humongous Italian Ovens are names after three great volcano. It is the best place, if you decide to enjoy your meal here. If yo are in Orlando and you require a shuttle transportation service which can take you where you want in Florida then you Florida Shuttle Transportation.


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