Get to know about the best dance clubs in West Palm Beach

Usually, Miami takes all of the praise for the dance clubs and great DJ shows in South Florida, West Palm Beach and the neighboring areas give some great nightlife options as well. Clematis Street in West Palm is full of venues that draw the beats and flash the lights until the early daylight hours. Stop in at Off the Hookah and experience the large dance floor, elegant atmosphere, and expensive lounge areas. This site is great for gatherings looking to break a hookah, and the various bars make ordering a drink a between dancing a wind. There is always something performing on here, from local DJ parties to themed nights. Roxy’s Rooftop Bar, a must-see club. The spacious dancing floor united with the lounge areas and scenes of the city is unique in West Palm Beach. The music here is frequently electronica and house, but some evenings you can get lucky with throwback 90’s hip hop song. The clubs in West Palm Beach make it feasible to go out like a VIP and have a great evening.

Best dance club in West Palm Beach

Best dance club in West Palm Beach

IL Bacio

IL Bacio is open-air dance club placed in an expansive court off of at Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. With a big stage, two full bars and VIP zones the club truly knows what patrons need to keep coming. The Dj’s turn often house and electronica mix that, when combined with the light shows, point to some pretty powerful sets. This club draws some beautiful big names from Miami, so it surely gives off the South Beach vibe.

Shout! Karaoke

Shout Karaoke is the flagship spot of a fresh franchise. Set on North Olive, Downtown West Palm, Shout is concentrated on setting the scene for those who choose to belt out the hits. Unlike traditional karaoke bars that have one view and one singer, Shout has various rooms or “boxes” that provide to individual groups. There could be upwards of eleven different karaoke shows going on together. There is a main stage for those who believe they deserve a greater audience. With many thousands of tunes to chose from, musicians will have their best when it comes to song selection.


If you’re want to have a full-service lunch and dinner menu with a view of country line dancing, then Renegade’s off of Village Boulevard in West Palm Beach is the best place for you. The country western bar has excellent rates on burgers and steaks. If you’re holding around for more than the food, experience country line dancing 7 evenings a week, take a ride on the production bull, watch the great game on one of the 75 TVs.

Respectable Street

For more than ten ages now – even before Clematis Street made its new contract on life – Respectable has been a strength in the area. The mixture of dance club / live music venue is a gem for the alternative group and those who are seeming for something a little out of the regular. Most nights, DJs play a variety of industrial and electronic music for patrons to push to on the dance floor — the best place to spend a night.


The Latin dance club placed at the corner of Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach. The DJs keep the song beautiful and heavy to keep everyone rocking the night away. There are two bars, on the dance floor and bottle service. There is a blend of English, and Spanish music and the overall vibe is so South Floridian. It is suggested to arrive beforehand to ensure a good parking spot.

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