Fort Lauderdale’s Spectacular Beaches by the sea

Ask anyone who is coming to Fort Lauderdale, and it’s all about the beaches. They’re fabulous. They appear in movies, on postcards, and the internet. From college students to kids to newly married couples to film stars, Ft. Lauderdale beaches have seen them all. For you, if you are thinking of a perfect vacation day soaking up the sun, swimming in the sea, or playing in the sand, then our guide is just what you need. Fort Lauderdale Beaches being a favorite of our readers and editors. But if you’re more involved in viewing nature up close and personal on unspoiled coastlines, then plan a day to John U. Lloyd Beach State Park. Families especially love the famous playful sands of Pompano Beach and Deerfield Beach.

Top 3 beaches to visit for newlyweds in Ft.Lauderdale:

Top 3 beaches to visit for newlyweds in Ft.Lauderdale:

  • Hillsboro Beach.
  • John U. Lloyd Beach State Park.
  • Fort Lauderdale Beach.


With the magnificent views of the 1907-era Hillsboro lighthouse, the most influential light on the east coast, Hillsboro Beach is amongst the most peaceful of all Ft. Lauderdale beaches. This isolated, pristine seashore is the ideal place to escape from everyday life. Amidst glittering green-blue water and warm taupe sand, relax while watching a stream of yachts enter through the Hillsboro Inlet sunbathe and seek out sea turtle nesting spots Besides, visitants can view a fascinating stone statue dedicated to the 19th-century “Barefoot Mailman,” describing the mail carrier who walked from Palm Beach through Broward County and into Miami transferring mail, taking him seven days, between 1885 and 1892.


Not all of the seashores in South Florida hissing with crowds of beautiful people. Visitants seeking peaceful and uncrowded beaches love this Fort Lauderdale area resort set on an unspoiled 251-acre barrier island. Established just north of Dania Beach and south of downtown, visitors can kayak along mangrove-lined waterways, scuba dive in one of the area’s most comfortable yet most enchanting dive sites, or lounge on the vast, sun-drenched beach. The place is also one of the county’s most prominent sea turtle nesting sites, and a summertime awareness program allows visitors to learn about and often witness the nesting phenomenon. Perfect for nature enthusiasts or just a day away from it all.

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Top 3 beaches to visit for newlyweds in Ft.Lauderdale:


This chic beach is one of Broward County’s unusual Blue Wave Beaches. The world-famous Fort Lauderdale beachfront flaunts four miles of publicly available coastline backed by a colorful array of exclusive shops, exciting entertainment venues, and inviting sidewalk cafes. And for those who can’t get plenty of this world-class stretch of coastline real estate, there are some of the most stunning and luxurious condominium options in the world. Once known for being a Spring break party zone for college students, this newly-renovated seashore is now a family-friendly destination where visitors can Jet Ski, swim, dive and snorkel in the open waters, or stroll along with the award-winning wave wall and elegant, palm-lined promenade and enjoy the unique buzzing in the air that is Fort Lauderdale Beach.

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