Fort Lauderdale to Tampa travel guide

Many visitors or locals use as a medium of transportation the shuttle or bus from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa or anywhere in Tampa including the famous places of Tampa and other outdoor pursuits as part of their Florida holiday plan.


Get to know about Fort Lauderdale to Tampa travel guide

Since it is such a popular trip and many tourists use different methods of transportation, we decided to put together the most popular transportation service opportunities available including air transportation and of course money saving advice as well:

By Air Plane:

Let’s start with the most expensive way of moving in FLorida there is AIR FLIGHT. You may reach at Tampa airport within 60 Minutes BUT, let’s do the math: 1 hour to reach the airport, 15 minutes before taking off + 1-hour flying time + 30 minutes to go out of the airplane and take your luggage = approximately 3 hours collectively. AND guess what? It will cost you a lot to go from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa. The cost could be about $95 per person. So what if you are a group of 4 (2 adults and two kids). Do the math over.  Of course, there’s a very expensive ticket if you want to go with luxury and very clean, but in reality, now, people are watching to save bucks. Won’t you agree with me on this case?

 By shuttle or bus:

Many souls favor this choice because of many causes. Let’s put an example of a passenger that takes the shuttle or bus from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa, and it usually takes about 3 to 4 hours to reach the airport. Also, the price is very affordable.

Check out the cost using the Free Online Quote system.

The advantage when taking the Fort Lauderdale to Tampa shuttle service:

Reliable and Price efficient
You can drop off at Travel Centers of America in Tampa from there you need to take a Taxi or Cab to get to the Airport if you want to go to Tampa Airport.
The average arrival time in Tampa is about 4 hours
Here are the correct Pickup and Dropoff location when using a shuttle transportation service.

Fort Lauderdale Pickup Locations:
– Fort Lauderdale Int. Airport – SouthWest airlines, Terminal. Departures (3rd Level)
– 2800 N 28th Terrace, Hollywood, FL 33020 *exit 21* (Dennys Restaurant)

Tampa Drop Of Locations:
– 11706 Tampa Gateway Blvd Seffner, FL 33584 *exit 10* (Travel Centers of America)

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