Five tips about Ichetucknee Springs State Park of Gainesville Florida

Tips about Ichetucknee Springs State Park

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socal33 says:

We went on a very typical Florida Summer day. Rain, clouds, sun, and lots of kids…
The signs to the locations come up quick. So, don’t be frustrated if you miss a turn off.
The entry fees are reasonable. I’ll bring my own inner tube or inflatable kayak on my next visit. I paid $40 for 4 tube rentals. It makes sense to bring your own if you want to save $. However, if you don’t mind renting, it’s easy and you keep local businesses going.

Bill Cleghorn says:

Crystal clear and wonderfully cold water… Nice current made for a relaxing and enjoyable tubing experience… Super cost efficient as well… Will be back even though I have been down the river at least 20 times….

Cera Whitford says:

I’ve been looking at this place for a while an drove three hours to get there and it was so worth the ride. Best place around to free dive and over all one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to and now my top three favorite places to go! I can’t wait to experience it again.

Corporate Communication says:

Very amazing and popular destination.
You must be prepare if you want to go down tubbing the river for approx 4 hours. You will need to be at least at 8am at the North entrance. Otherwise, you will enjoy to swim in the first spring, friendly for the whole family.For the stunning “Blue Hole” you should use your goggles or snorkel and know how to swim well. This is a nature’s gift, definitely a must for the summer in Central Florida.

Misti Sharp says:

I always love canoeing Ichetucknee Springs! It’s about a 1.5-2 hour trip. This time we took the kiddos and they had a great time too. The staff is always super friendly and helpful. When we went in March we got to see a manatee! My only criticism is pickup after the float trip. One time we had to wait 45 minutes because there were people blocking the loading zone so that the van crew couldn’t get through. The second time we got lucky and were able to get in the van but some people behind us couldn’t fit and had to wait longer.

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