Five reviews about the amazing  Kissimmee Air Museum of Florida

There are many wonderful places to visit and explore in the tourist land of Florida but there is none like Kissimmee Air Museum. It is a piece of art, history and culture. There are only a few other places in the world which exhibits something this unique to all of its visitors. This is a very important part of our history. Those who are related to Aviation industry they can realy feel a breef touch of history here. In this blog you will read five reviews about the amazing  Kissimmee Air Museum of Florida.

Kissimmee Air Museum of Florida

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funtime4430 from Kissimmee, Florida, United says:
We have gone by many times and keep saying we have to go in. We finally did and were very surprised it is a very interesting museum with a lot of history. The price is not bad. Looking forward to going again.
moges61 from Elkhorn, Wisconsin says:
I saw this in Trip Advisor and we decided to stop in. The cost was well worth the visit. The WWll information was very good and the planes were very cool. We did not have time to fly but you could pay and go for a ride in an old Military plane, we did see two planes take off together. It was really cool. We enjoyed our visit here and the history lesson was great.
thefastpitcher from Berlin, Germany says:
This is a nice place to visit if you love airplanes and want to see a little bit of history. Friendly staff always willing to answer open questions. Highly recommended for rainy days as well for those history Buffs.
Merrywonder from Hillsborough, New Jersey says:
This place was so interesting. Lots of history, lots of old planes, some took off while we were there……super cool. And surprising for an airport it was so peaceful.Make it a place to go thats not fantasy. You will be impressed.
Bill Z from Winnipeg, Canada says:
Stumbled onto this museum but what a revelation. The owners and operators have not only an affinity for the warbirds of World War II but also have the skills and professional attitude necessary in keeping these rare aircraft flying. During my visit, I had a chance to talk to some of the workers and sensed that they had a passion for what they were doing.

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