Five reviews about Florida Museum of Natural History

Gainesville is commonly known for University of Florida, United Sates but there are many other places and facilities here worth visiting. Florida Museum of Natural History located in Gainesville, Florida is such a place which you can visit with your family and friends. This facility represents the Natural history in a very unique manner. In this blog you will read five reviews about Florida Museum of Natural History located in Gainesville, Florida.

Florida Museum of Natural History

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Gators-on-the-go from Gainesville, Florida says:
Based in Gainesville, FL, this compact museum provides a nice experience for young and old alike. Recent updates to their holdings include a whale skeleton that joins the ever present Mastodon and updated experiential exhibits that will be of interest to everyone. Also located in the museum is the Butterfly Rainforest which is not to be missed.
ARodriguezP from Miami Beach, Florida says:
This is definitely the best natural history museum in the state of Florida and well worth a visit,it’s collections includes specimens from fossils to butterflies and interesting exhibits on Florida’s native American tribes both ancient such as the Calusa and more modern like the Seminole and Miccosuki.
Big_bro_1_usa from Chicago, Illinois says:
Free admission, $4 all day parking; amazing collection of fossils particularly the presentation of different massive life size prehistoric shark jaws with teeth- unique to this museum. Other fossils found in the area ; they have a butterfly garden that costs extra. Great 3 hour stop.
Linda D says:
We had an enjoyable time at the museum. The exhibits were informative and well done. I enjoyed learning about the Indians and the different landscapes of Florida. The shark jaws were really cool to see. The sizes of the jaws and seeing the teeth of the sharks is really fascinating.
Heather B says:
I believe the kids and I read every word in the museum. I brought a 6,9, and 11 year old with me and they very much loved the museum. The volunteer just inside the door by the frog exhibit with the owl pellets, I’m sorry her name escaped me, was marvelous with the kids and super informative. She was really a highlight of the day for my children. I’m so glad she was there.

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