Delight your taste buds with top seafood restaurants in Tampa Florida

Seafood fans celebrate! Tampa’s visitants with a love of seafood will have its best place on the Gulf of Mexico and the abundance of seafood chances available at several local restaurants. Fresh and local fish gems include grouper and mahi-mahi with other species. Many kinds of shellfish are also available, including shrimp, oysters, and crabs. Whatever you have the wish for, chances are it didn’t have to far to move before running at your table. To help you in locating the ideal place, we have inquired about the local food and brought a list of the top seafood establishments in Tampa, Florida. Tampa’s seafood restaurants vary from the upscale to the ultra-relaxed eateries with many highlighting beautiful views of the very seas that were home to the discovery of the day. Local wealth, like the Rusty Pelican, has been charming locals and visitors alike for decades many years with well-prepared refreshments and great scenes.

Best seafood restaurants Tampa Florida

Best seafood restaurants Tampa Florida



Shells is a little Tampa seafood eatery that concentrates on serving local preferences in a relaxed, casual environment. Running in the city for more than 30 years, Shells been proved the best seafood restaurant for 15 of those years. You won’t see anything unusual here, just real, high-quality seafood, and alert and knowledgeable staff, at a cost that won’t break the bank. Try to begin with a cup of their popular clam chowder or buffalo shrimp. For the main course, there is an outstanding selection of seasonal fresh fish dishes at market prices. There is also a variation of deep-fried favorites and pasta offerings.

Big Ray’s Fish Camp

Big Ray’s Fish Camp has shortly made a name for itself making popular Tampa seafood loves. Spotted in South Tampa, close to Ballast Point Park, visitors wishing to taste real tales of local masterpieces, will not be beaten. The carefully breaded sandwich is one of the best in the town, as is their deviled seafood cocktail. The small, yet charming restaurant claims only 4 indoor tables with some outside seating and is Florida random, including flip flops and shorts, are refreshing. The service is courteous, and the prices are considerable.

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Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

Eddie V’s is a popular upscale seafood and steak eatery located across from Tampa’s International Plaza Mall. Best for a relaxed dinner with friends, the ambiance is improved while still being relaxed and casual. Start off the night in the bar which highlights live jazz music each night along with a mixture of carefully crafted cocktails.

Mitchell’s Fish Market

Although a national chain of eateries, Mitchell’s in Tampa has got their different take on the fresh seafood view in the city, while still keeping reduced prices. Discovered in the West Shore Plaza mall, Mitchell’s concentrates on seafood inventions from around the nation, including tilapia, cedar-roasted salmon. There is an open kitchenette, raw bar, and design that is thoughtful of the upscale vibe. The staff is qualified and alert, always getting high appreciation from their clients.

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