Cool Things to Do In Miami

There’s a lot we grasp for granted here in Miami. Like year-round sunlight, for example. Or cheap car servicing allowed you to pay in cash. It’s only when somebody comes to visit Miami, and we realize what a truly… unique city we live in. A city where we can consume balmy summer days working out on the beach, afternoons riding through a swamp, and our nighttimes on lively rooftop bars looking out at one of the most magnificent skylines in the world.

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Get to know about cool things to do in Miami Florida

Getting the absolute best things to do is a matter of narrowing it down to the stuff that is actually worth exploring (like visiting the pool parties, our best great bars, restaurants, etc.). And while some of it might look a little touristy, there’s yet some entertainment, affordable even free stuff to do in Miami that’s renowned for locals and visitors alike.

Ride the entire Metromover

Though resident might think of it more like a crowded, high, rolling soup kitchen, bringing the whole circle from Brickell up to the Arsht Center and following is a great idea to see the city from above. And should the wheels mysteriously stop for no cause as it does once in a while, you can pass “walking the Mover tracks” off your Miami bucket listing.

Go to the beach, obviously

For several locals, the only moment we go to the beach is when souls are in town, so discover the Miami Beach that’s best for them. If your squad wants to be in the center of the action, South Beach is the best place. But if they’d favor a lonely tropical island feel, head out to Crandon Park. For the original Robinson Crusoe effect, move all the way to the end of Biscayne to Bill Baggs State Park. Or get mad and strip down at Haulover.

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Check out innovative art at the ICA

stadium lawsuit fame and Norman Braman — of the car dealership — opened up one of the vastest free art museums in the globe this year, owning a collection of avant-garde, experimental, and sometimes-bizarre sculptures at the Institute of Contemporary Art. They give free guided trips every day at 1 pm (if you’d like short assistance knowing what, exactly, you’re looking at). Or you can just spend the afternoon resting in the museum’s lush sculpture garden.

Photograph the Wynwood Walls

Though some see it within the midst of a long Wynwood night, the street art here is one of the most unusual finds in the world, with blocks upon blocks of interesting provocative decorations lining the streets. Walking around is like a free open-air museum, that’s distinctive every time you go. And because all that tour will leave you craving, you’ll need some great food and drinks to keep you going.

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