Best things to do in West Palm Beach Florida with family

The West Palm Beach area is loaded with exciting and various attractions that can delight kids and adults alike. There are zoos, water parks, and an excess of public parks. Beaches line the coast, with each giving its own distinctions. Juno Beach and Palm Beach are two utterly different beach views, yet they are divided by only a few minutes of drive in the car. Beach exercises like surfing, paddleboarding, and snorkeling dominate. For the older people, there are casinos, concert venues and dog tracks that will keep them excited during their trip. The area also has a piece of history. Be sure to check out the many educational activities like strolling a sculpture garden, browsing museums, or touring the Jupiter Lighthouse. Here are some best things to do in West Palm Beach.

Best things to do in West Palm Beach

Best things to do in West Palm Beach

Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens

Norton Museum of Art, founded by Ralph Norton, shared the home that holds this sculpture garden with his second wife, whose efforts are on display. Ann Norton’s sculptures have diverged throughout the house and gardens, which were built both to show the art and to give a haven for the local birds. The solid outdoor pieces are mainly crafted of brick and have a reliable, almost first quality. They come upon you in the scene as discoveries, set among a group of palms that surpasses 300 units. The pieces are mostly bronze, wood, and stone, with some reaching as high as 12 feet tall

The Breakers

This circa-1926 Palm Beach mark is a recognition of Henry Morrison Flagler – the person who helped to develop much of West Palm Beach – by his successors. Built-in Italian Renaissance style, the luxurious hotel highlights hand-painted ceilings, Venetian chandeliers, Flemish tapestries, and a king’s ransom of furnishings and artwork. Visitors are provided by restaurants, tennis, pool courts, golf courses, a health club, and spa. There are children’s programs and business center, Air-conditioned rooms are elegantly appointed and include a minibar, cable TV, safe, hairdryer, Internet access, and modem attachment. It is just 6 miles from the airport.

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Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society

From its early sources, when some farm animals were the only attraction, this zoo has expanded to include numbers of specimens and 23 acres of the environment. Among the residents, you’ll see jaguars, black bears, macaws, emus, tigers, wild turkeys, monkeys, kangaroos, panthers, sloths, pythons, tortoises, and alligators. The Florida exhibit showcases of the state’s native creatures and plants and unique habitat for North American river otters permits visitors to look in on their activities and antics. Unlike other city zoos, you need a half-day to see this zoo — there is no need to bother about children getting sunburned or bored.

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