Arabian Nights The Dinner Show in Orlando

Orlando is home to some tremendous excitement and delight attractions and positioning among the best of these is the Arabian Nights Dinner Show. If you might want to join a full dinner with a showy execution in the biggest indoor equestrian coliseum, then the Arabian Nights Dinner show is the spot for you.

The show is focused around the excellent story of Princess Scheherazade and her hunt down the ruler she had always wanted. More than 60 delightful horses and 40 entertainers put on an almost two-hour show that is as extravagant as anything that has been on Broadway. The story joins together enchantment, sentiment and undertaking. The entire show region is a huge 14,000 square foot Palace of Horses. In the show two “genies” call upon an arrangement of performers for the amusement of the princess and her visitors.

These incorporate a Ben Hur chariot race, a western square move, Gypsy bareback riders and the sky is the limit from there. There are around 20 separate demonstrations in this creation. There is no dust or terrible stenches in the enclosure on the grounds that the surface is assembled with “fibar,” an artificial pinewood chip giving an immaculate surface to the horses.

Arabian Nights

With enjoy the major show it is likewise conceivable to buy a VIP Package which will empower you to go into the stables and meet the horses and entertainers. Youngsters get to ascend on one of the Gypsy horses for an exceptional photograph opportunity and gift of the night. On top of that, holders of the VIP Package get ensured seats in the initial three lines. What’s more, the blessing shop emphasizes a vast determination of steed figures, cards, adornments and different gifts from the show. You will be dealt with to a dinner that incorporates prime rib, chopped steak, fried chicken breast, chicken tenders and vegetable lasagna, rolls, steamed broccoli and fried potatoes.

Helpful Tip: Regardless of the fact that you don’t purchase the VIP bundle, you can in any case get huge photographs and gifts in light of the fact that when you enter the Great Hall you can get your photographs taken against a themed foundation. At the point when the show is over, the photographs are brought to your table. While traveling; you can choose Florida shuttle for comfortable bus services from Orlando to Miami destinations.

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